‘Tying the Knot’ Wedding Stylists

Tying the Knot offer personal perfection for your special day…whether it’s cascading flowers in a medieval castle, bohemian chic in a hip art gallery, traditional or contemporary, classic or unusual.. whatever your dream.. whatever your theme,‘Tying the Knot’ Wedding Stylists will make your special day sensational, flawless and uniquely yours!

“Tie the Knot” Meaning… To Get Married.

Origin…The knot is symbolic of a lasting unity. Knots have a place in the folklore of many cultures and usually symbolise unbreakable pledges. Actual knots have been used in marriage ceremonies for some time and the tradition of tying the wrists of the bride and groom with twine continues today in marriages in the use of sashes which are placed over the wrists. The word ‘knot’ has been associated with marriage since the 13th century. The Legend of St. Katherine, circa 1225 used the Middle English ‘cnotte’, i.e. ‘knot’, to mean ‘the tie or bond of wedlock; the marriage or wedding knot’:

“In the seventeenth century, one or two of the bride-favours were always blue. These were knots of coloured ribbons loosely stitched on to the wedding gown, which were plucked off by the guests at the wedding feast, and worn as luck-bringers in the young men’s hats.”

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